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Concrete can affordably cast in 2 dimensions,   LAVA can affordably cast in 3 dimensions

Regular concrete has proven itself successful for over 2000 years.  It adapts to any shape, then hardens forever.  It provides unequal durability and structural value for dams, bridges and sidewalks. In common architecture concrete is mostly used for floors and footings.  The weight and fluidity of regular concrete make detail and vertical forming costs impractical. 

Introducing LAVA, a concrete that forms like a sandcastle 

  • Mixed to a thick semi-fluid consistency, LAVA supports itself vertically, to make forming safer and details more manageable

  • Increased manageability makes casting entire houses viable:  walls, roofs, landscape etc.

  • Creative detailing can be cost effective: raked & diagonal walls, double & triple walls, curves & compound curves, arches & vaults, smooth & chiseled finishes, art of all types


  • Fireproof qualities make it useful for fireplaces & electrical detail like light sconces 

  • Surface textures absorb sound in living spaces and add privacy between spaces

  • For landscaping, aggregate porosity (unsealed) can retain moisture and/or act as a french drain       

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