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LAVA, a semi-fluid, reverses the construction process (pipes & wires first unimpeded, structure last). 

With traditional frame and masonry, the structural framework is erected first.  Utilities, insulation and accessories are adapted to it, around it, or through it.   Accessories are fitted to the structure in bits, pieces, layers and often include structure modifications.  Drilling holes and adding fasteners becomes fussy, time-consuming and requires coordination.  The stronger the framework materials, the harder accessory installation becomes.


With LAVA, temporary forms are initially erected to define the finished walls and surfaces.  Next, accessories and utilities are installed whole, easily and without restriction.  Finally, LAVA fills the forms; thick, slow and gently.  Importantly, LAVA details itself around all the accessories laid within the forms and becomes the final wall surface.  No additional steps required.


As a result, the overall building processes become more efficient.

The more accessories within a wall, the more practical the reverse sequence.       

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