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Volcanic Rock is nature's form of earth friendly, and high performance, architecture.

Natural volcanic aggregates, such as cinder, scoria, pumice and tuff, to varying degrees, each contain useful qualities for architecture.  Inherent qualities include thermal insulation, fire protection, structural integrity, sound insulation, termite resistance, non-fading color, non-toxic and seamless cut-stone beauty.  These architectural qualities are inseparable from the aggregate itself compliments of nature.

Scoria & Cinder;

  •  Medium Weigh 70-90# /sf (2/3 norm.conc.), qualifies as light weight concrete.  ASTM C-330

  • Yields high mass value & moderate R value insulation

  • High structural strength,  >1250 psi

  • Color range tends to be darker shades of reds, blacks and browns

  • Aggregate sizes  & textures range from sand to gravel for walls, gravel to boulders for landscape.

Pumice & Tuff;

  • Light weight  40-80# /sf (1/2 norm conc.),

  • Yield moderate mass value & higher R value insulation,

  •  Structural strength,  >500psi

  • Color range tends to be light shades, sandy and light color.

  • Aggregate sizes & textures range

  • Tuff is often found as a foamy solid, carved off of hills, breaks down to sand easily.       

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