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LAVA will fluidly adapt to tomorrow's innovative designs.  Creativity is worth encouraging   

Step #1:

  • To develop a building system able to match, then exceed, current building systems.  

  • Step #1 is complete & gaining popularity


Step #2:

  • To spark the creativity behind new design, new tech, new understanding etc, leading to better & longer-range architectural solutions:

  • To encourage multi-generational, maintenance-free design that captures local energy and rainwater resources and supports local habitation and vegetation.

  • Replace the 30 yr. lifecycle, high-maintenance house, supported by rat-race weeks & fix-it weekends, with a 500 yr. heirloom house generating extra time for rest, recharge and forward oriented creativity

  • Man-made architecture to coordinate with natural rhythms, such as day/night energy and seasonal rain/growth cycles

  • Design innovations made easy by the efficiencies of LAVA's simple building methods   


On the horizon: 

  • Walls that can be tuned to uniquely respond to exterior orientation and interior use.

  • Technology that allows roofs and walls to be biased toward absorbing cool and resisting heat, or vice-versa.

  • Natural heating and cooling using the day-night cycle; integrating day-night temperatures       

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