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Allows advancement in affordability and ecology while keeping pace with lifestyle

Start with low cost, high performance stone direct from Mother Nature:

  • Volcanic Stone; human and environmentally safe, naturally abundant, inexpensive and nontoxic 

  • Numerous natural architectural qualities eliminate the need for nonnatural add-ons

  • Volcanic stone is non-organic.  It's not food.  No anti-weathering or pesticides  chemicals needed

Use the already time-tested protection value of traditional concrete:

  • Strength, durablity and fundamental world-wide familiarity

Add several fresh methods to maximize its usefulness

  • Forever simple "sandcastle" forming and building methods  

  • One-step raw to finish process. Transported only once from nature to the final building

  • Ecological cement and plaster options available  (ancient carbon neutral cement blends)

Remarkable in its Simplicity, Ecology and Affordability:

  • The architectural performance is inseparable from the volcanic material

LAVA: a sophisticated earth-based material, which for sustainable architecture/design, arguably outperforms most building materials today.       

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